For Spiritual Seekers Everywhere…

Please join me for a delicious conversation on:

“What Is Spiritual Maturity? Blessings and Perils on the Path to Breaking Open”

Free recording of the live telephone event:

In my first ever adventure of an online call, we’ll explore:

  • Why fear or discomfort are not necessarily signs you’re on the wrong path.
  • How this Catholic girl moved from rigid dogma to absolute rejection of the church to tender curiosity
    and opening to Spirit.
  • How even the most mundane life experiences (or the most painful) can serve as doorways to the Divine.
  • Why spiritual maturity is not based in any one religion or theology.

The new paradigm is beckoning to our awareness

As we enter the spiritual journey, we are often surprised.  Experiences that seem wildly profane may open the door to a deeper truth.  Experiences we know as “holy” shake our world in ways we never expected – and certainly didn’t ask for!

All of this can be deeply unsettling. As I’ve walked the path of my own life, and been a companion to countless others, I’ve seen how spiritual growth always necessitates change. And change isn’t comfortable!

Having paid attention to the movement of the Spirit in my own life since childhood, this quest to know more of the Divine just keeps growing. I’m excited by the process people travel, to reach into their own wisdom and find and define what is most true for them.

I consider it a privilege to help people connect with their most true self

It’s a gift I’ve been enjoying for years now. I’ve traveled and accompanied literally thousands of people on the spiritual path. Being blessed by such an opportunity, I now want to share what I’ve learned with you, my community  and those I’ve walked with over many years.

And so I’m launching a Spiritual Direction practice,and this free call is my coming out party for that new birth!

I’ve asked my friend Laura Cornell to join me for this dialogue. It’ll be like we are having a fireside chat.

Joining us is EASY

You can participate from wherever you are in the world, simply by listening to the recording provided above…

I can’t wait to share this with you! Big hugs,