Beth Popelka, New York City

I was blessed to have shared eight weekly spiritual direction sessions with Elaine Emily during a time when I was processing the loss of a relationship, working on balancing self care, and claiming my artistic path. During this time, I came to see the incredible value to having a loving witness to one’s journey with Spirit. Elaine’s tuned-in, sometimes humorous,… Read more →

Leonard Joy, California

For several months now I’ve come to Elaine with my anguish about where I should put my priorities and my energy. I felt a conflict of putting my energies into new work and not getting completion on the old work. I was stuck and inactive and now I’m clearer about how to proceed. I’ve maintained a discipline because Elaine has… Read more →

Blake Arnall, California

Elaine was instrumental in my discernment when I left my corporate career and took a huge leap of faith to become a chaplain. She helped me feed the spark of this calling in its early days. She encouraged regular spiritual reflection which allowed me to understand more fully what God was calling me to do. I now have the privilege… Read more →

Max Rennebohm, Seattle

I worked with Elaine when I was 18, during a gap year between high school and college. This was while I was a resident student at Pendle Hill. In selecting a spiritual nurturer, I was told to follow any urgings I felt. When I first met Elaine, I didn’t feel an immediate connection, but I felt I would be challenged,… Read more →