Beth Popelka, New York City

Photo: Courtesy of Mamun Zaman

I was blessed to have shared eight weekly spiritual direction sessions with Elaine Emily during a time when I was processing the loss of a relationship, working on balancing self care, and claiming my artistic path. During this time, I came to see the incredible value to having a loving witness to one’s journey with Spirit. Elaine’s tuned-in, sometimes humorous, and always deeply discerning outside perspective, helped me with noticing patterns, tracking nudges and desires, and flagging reoccurring blocks. I found that prompts were extremely instructive, such as, “Imagine the kind of relationship you want to have in your life…” or “In your ideal world, you would…”, and could be used in prayer time or journaling in between sessions to further integrate the deepening of my awareness. Elaine would often end our sessions with a closing prayer or image, which I used as a talisman for mediation throughout the week. As a result of these sacred sessions, I felt heard, seen, known and more confident to act on the movement of Spirit within me. Elaine Emily has a true gift for spiritual accompaniment and her service will be a gift to anyone who is committed to learning more about their own spiritual unfolding.